Simple step by step guide to getting Root Access on a Synology DiskStation

Since DSM 6.0 Synology removed the root access. Actually they only changed the password to ” (nothing).

But if you follow this simple guide, you will get root access to your Synology Disk Station again.

  1. Login using Putty (Find it here) with your administrator account (usually “admin”)
  2. Enter the local IP of your Synology Diskstation into Putty. (In my case, created for this guide, the IP is
  3. You will be asked for a password. (Enter the one for this administrator account. You can not see the password, when you enter it. But it is being entered.)
  4. You will get a command prompt (like in the picture above admin@…)
  5. Enter: sudo su –
  6. You will be asked for a password. (Enter again the one for the administrator account)
  7. You will get a command prompt that says root@…
  8. Enter command: synouser –setpw root your_new_root_password    (change the italic text to be your own root password)

Now your root account has a password, and can be used in e.g. WinScp.